Do you still own any of your old vinyl records? Do you plan to sell them? Have you thought about how you'd do this?

Until a couple of months ago my answers were: "Yes, over 1500 of them"; "I suppose, someday"; and "Not really." One day I decided to take about 50 of them to a nearby store well-known for buying and selling used records, CDs, and DVDs, mainly to see what prices they'd offer. Out of the blue, as I approached the front door a local "swap collector" asked to see what I'd brought with me. Impressed with the quality and especially the condition of my records, he said he'd like to check out my whole collection to see what he might want to buy.

Fast forward to recent days. I've learned not to sell to stores paying rock-bottom prices, and that my collection includes more items of real value than I'd imagined. On August 22 I called a couple of higher-end record stores and almost immediately received a visit from one store owner, who spent about an hour chatting with me about record buying and selling while spot-evaluating my records. Right away he offered to buy the whole collection - mainly because I had taken such good care of the records - and asked me what price I wanted for it, just like that! I had no idea. We agreed I would get back to him after I'd done enough research to come up with a price.

Today I'm well into the process of using and other sources to price individual items. Soon I'll get back to the store owner to negotiate a final selling price. The whole thing is going down much faster than I'd imagined.

I'd love to hear from Cats about their plans to keep or sell their record collections.