Los Lobos is a great American rock band from East Los Angeles who made their initial local reputation playing exciting live shows. Their shows and albums contain original rock and roll material mixed effectively with traditional Mexican songs. They reached a peak of popularity in the 1980s with a cover of Ritchie Valens' "La Bamba" that became a #1 pop hit, and have continued to tour extensively and release critically acclaimed albums to the present day.

Two videos -- posted on our Home Page for the next 2 weeks, and then in our Featured Artist Archive -- illustrate the range of Los Lobos' talents. "Don't Worry Baby," their first hit single, is a straight-ahead rocker from their 1984 breakout album, How Will the Wolf Survive? "That Train Don't Stop Here," more of a shuffle, was first recorded in 1992 for their more creative and expansive Kiko, the other must-have Los Lobos album. The "Train" video features some of the exciting guitar interplay between David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas that exemplifies the artistry of this great band.

Los Lobos make fans of anyone who sees them perform by virtue of their top-notch songwriting, convincing vocals, and instrumental prowess. I've seen them live twice, once in the 1980s and then again a few years ago. They can still tear up a stage with the best of them.

I've posted a Los Lobos playlist so Cats can discuss their own favorite songs. We also have a discussion going on The Best American Rock & Roll Bands. Los Lobos belongs in any discussion of the top 10; I'd say surely among the top 5 of the last 30 years. Where would you rank them?