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Bits & Pieces

Here are brief articles, helpful background materials and discussion fodder in their own right. Other general resources on the Alley site include Tips & Advice on collecting music – finding music, acquiring music, and organizing music collections – and an annotated list of recommended Books & Websites.


Cover Records

This piece begins with a factual history of cover records and then offers a provocative hypothesis about the role they may have played in bringing about the explosion of rock & roll on the pop scene in 1956.

Six Ways Music Listening Has Changed

Listening to music today is different than it was back in the day. This piece summarizes six distinct ways in which music listening has changed since the 1980s. It includes a summary table of all six differences across three points in time.


Why Sound Quality Matters

Rock 'n Soul Alley is full of ratings and comments about sound quality, a concept with many twists and turns. Here is my take on it.

Listener's Checklist

A list of all the factors I've come across that can influence sound quality or the listener's experience of recorded music. It's presented here to serve as background for more specific blogs and discussions in the Listening to Music topic.

Sound Quality Ratings

Rock 'n Soul Alley's CD database includes sound quality ratings for each CD in my collection. This piece offers more explanation [than the CD FAQ and CD Details pages] of where my ratings come from.


Possible future subjects I've considered for Bits & Pieces include The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, pop music charts, and rock & soul music on DVDs. Bits on other subjects like these will be based on Cats' interests and Gator's time. I welcome private email from Cats who might want to author their own Bits & Pieces, especially to expand the scope of interests represented on the site.