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Comments - Albums

barbara ann 1945 says:
04/01/12 3:08 am
I love this album! Gave it a third listen today. It's exciting, sexy, soulful new music...with great musicianship. Arleigh's voice is amazing! Love the brass! I was inspired to buy it after watching the "Hollow Bones" video right here in the Alley...when Sister Sparrow was the featured artist of the week. Here are my favorites...Millie Mae, full of heart and pathos; Another Ride, clever and it'll take you back to childhood, and the title cut, Pound of Dirt...but Hollow Bones has turned out to be my's the one that insists on repeatedly playing itself in my mind.

What sets this album apart for me from other "new" music I try to get into is the sheer variety of the songs. Absolutely no two alike and each genuinely interesting. I'm ready for my fourth listen, Cats.

Anybody else into this album? Hope so...treat yourself.