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Overview and Basic Legal Info

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Overview and Basic Legal Info

Rock ‘n Soul Alley is a noncommercial, educational website dedicated to celebrating and preserving America’s rock and soul musical heritage. I created Rock ‘n Soul Alley to support an online community where rock and soul music lovers share their knowledge and enthusiasm in conversations and debates--like those that thrived years ago in record stores.


Good conversations need stuff to talk about. Visitors to Rock ‘n Soul Alley find provocative articles and lists and other conversation starters, as well as tools to create their own lists and dive into ongoing conversations. The site's host, "Alley Gator," kicks off blog-driven conversations about rock and soul music (songs, albums, artists) and about music listening and collecting, past and present.

The Alley Timeline is an interactive list of over 2300 songs from the last six decades in chronological order, including factual details about each song, commentary on many of them, and brief, illustrative sound samples of a selected few. The Alley CD Database provides access to the entire list of titles in Gator’s personal CD collection so visitors can browse, analyze, extract, and print customized factual data and ratings for over 2700 CDs. Alley Resources include Bits & Pieces articles about music history and music listening, Tips & Advice for music collectors, and annotated lists of books and websites.

Registered visitors ("Cats") create a profile and keep the site humming by posting their own lists of songs, albums, and artists, and by jumping into conversations about anything and everything, including blog posts and other articles, each others' lists, and Timeline and Database entries. Cats truly "keep the music alive" by sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with each other, building on and bouncing off each other's lists and comments, balancing spirited discussion with mutual respect. See FAQs on Comments (including norms), Lists, and General Features for more information on how to get the most out of this site.

The ultimate source of energy for Rock ‘n Soul Alley, of course, is the artists who write and perform the music that soothes our souls and sustains our enthusiasm. At its core, the motivation for this site is to turn other people on to the music that has turned me on, and vice versa. The educational mission is intended to highlight outstanding musical accomplishments and to encourage visitors to buy the artists' recordings and to see their shows.

Respect for Copyright Owners

Brief music samples are used selectively in the Timeline to illustrate points that can only be made by hearing some of the actual music, and always in the context of specific commentary about the sound or the historical significance of the sampled recording. The CD source for each sample is prominently identified.

This site respects copyright owners and is DMCA-compliant. If you own a copyright and object to the use of your material on this site, please use the information on this Copyright page to contact me.

Cats retain full ownership of all their original contributions posted on this site. I make no claim to them. I do ask for the right to use excerpts from Cat contributions in other materials I may create in the future, and I assume permission is granted unless specifically told otherwise. Cat material will be attributed to whatever name the poster uses on the site. Likewise, I assume Cats will afford each other the same privilege to use excerpts with courtesy of attribution, but I'm in no position to control that beyond this request.

Using My Material

Feel free to quote modest portions of the material I’ve created or posted on this site as long as you credit Rock ‘n Soul Alley as the source. Whenever possible please link back here so we can build its community. But no framing the site or so-called “inline linking.” Send people here please!

No commercial uses or so-called “derivative works” are allowed--for example, building another site based on this one. With these principles in mind, my articles in the Blog and Resources sections of this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Thanks for your cooperation.

Creative Commons License

Advertising, Sharing, and Privacy

Rock 'n Soul Alley does not sell music, but actively supports artists by highlighting their important cultural legacy. While this site is noncommercial in nature, I may introduce, as many fan sites do, a modest number of Google Ad links and participate in the Amazon associate program, or accept other advertising, as a way of recouping part of my out-of-pocket costs of running the site.

To facilitate the sharing of articles and lists through social networks, we provide the popular AddThis buttons at the end of each article and list. Rock 'n Soul Alley does not collect visitor information on its own behalf that prompts privacy concerns; however, anyone's use of AddThis buttons does allow third-party sites to collect "anonymous" information about the user that you may want to know more about. If so, please consult our Privacy page.